Calling all motivated individuals! Do you want to contribute your ideas to a growing team? American Freight Furniture and Mattress employees have the opportunity to make a great living at incomes well above the industry average. Complete with advancement opportunities, health insurance, life insurance, and paid vacation. Career satisfaction is important here at American Freight!

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American Freight Furniture and Mattress is always seeking motivated individuals who wish to pursue a successful and gratifying career in the retail furniture industry. Managers are promoted from within and typically have 5 or more employees that will report directly to them.

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Employee Reviews

It’s a great place to work with fast promotions within the company. It’s a full time job, and the pay is great! If you get your job done right and show you want to be here, management will see that and promote you as fast as possible. I would recommend this place to work to anyone.

Store Manager/Sales Manager

Great job and good environment. American Freight is a great job for someone who is looking to advance quickly and make a lot of money in the process. It offers great training and an awesome work place.

Store Manager/Former Employee

Great work environment, flexible work hours, competitive pay, good work experience, and amazing people to work with. The company and employees are very appreciative. If you help someone, there is almost always a thank you or appreciation that follows!

Manager in Corporate Office